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Johnston Press and the crisis in Ireland’s local newspaper industry, 2005-2014

Local press is not only experiencing declining circulation and revenues, but also a process of corporatisation. The case of the Irish industry illustrates very well some of the main ongoing trends in the field

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How the news media activate public expression and influence national agendas

Media outlets exert a very significant influence on expressed public opinion, a large-scale experiment proves

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Control the money, control the media

An account of the ways governments use funding to keep the media in line

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The Effects of Mass Surveillance on Journalists’ Relations With Confidential Sources

A qualitative study on the way real or perceived surveillance impacts on the behaviour of journalists and their relationship with sources

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"They Go for Gender First." The Nature and Effect of Sexist Abuse of Female Technology Journalists

Most women journalists writing about technology experience forms of harassment. As a result, they tend to resort to self-censorship and risk to be marginalised from the media industry

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The cultural and economic power of advertisers in the business press

A study of the impact of advertising practices on the editorial independence of reporters

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Fighting Putin and the Kremlin’s grip in neo-authoritarian Russia

An article on the issues faced by liberal journalists in Russia and their coping strategies

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Defining "Fake News." A Typology of Scholarly Definitions

In the last two decades, the term "fake news" has been used with several different meanings, which fall into six categories. It is possible to map them out according to their reliance on facts and their intention to mislead

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Churnalism on the Rise? Assessing Convergence Effects on Editorial Practices

Newrooms' excessive reliance on pre-packaged sources of news lowers the quality of information and threatens media pluralism, but it has become a mainstream practice - at least in the case of Greece

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Paying for Online News. A comparative analysis of six countries

What are the factors influencing the people's willingness to pay for online news content? Data indicate that other kinds of news consumption matter in this respect

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