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What We Talk About When We Talk About “Media Independence”

How do we frame media independence? Does the concept apply equally to commercial and public media? How does digital transformation impact on media independence?

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Communication, Power and Counter-power in the Network Society

A landmark analysis by Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells on the relations between media and politics in the frame of new online communication systems

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Journalism in Russia, Poland and Sweden – Traditions, Cultures and Research

The report attempts to analyze how “new digital technology, increased commercial pressure and the growth of a network society changes the conditions for journalism” in different countries, namely Russia, Sweden and Poland

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Crisis, Financialization and Regulation: The Case of Media Industries in Portugal

The article gives an overview about the situation and the development of the Portuguese media sector and its ownership structures

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Board Compensations in the Media Industry: Global Elite Networks and Financialization

The aim of the paper is “to contextualize media companies top executives remuneration in terms of market reality”

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Commercialization and Privatization of Media in Southeast Europe: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

This article discusses recent institutional changes in Southeast European media systems with a special emphasis on Croatia

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Political Contest and Oppositional Voices in Postconflict Democracy

How do the shape of political institutions in post conflict society affect government–media relationships? A case study on the Northern Irish context

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Freedom of Information Laws: evolution of the number of requests in 11 jurisdictions

With freedom of information statutes in over 100 countries today, law has become a key tool for journalists from India to Mexico. But their success depends on how they are used and implemented

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The Impact of Media Freedom, Internet Access and Governmental Online Service Delivery on Corruption

What's the impact that media freedom, internet access and governmental online service delivery have on corruption? A cross-national study uses secondary data for 157 countries to answer this question

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Defining media freedom in international policy debates

Andrei Richter examines the transformation of notions of media freedom in post-war history

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