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News media repertoires and strategic narrative reception: A paradox of dis/belief in authoritarian Russia

In an article published on New Media & Society, Joanna Szostek examined the news media repertoires of a group of Russian university students, finding that, while they do not trust state media, they nonetheless internalised their strategic narrative

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Better off without You? How the British Media Portrayed EU Citizens in Brexit News

A study published on The International Journal of Press/Politics found that EU citizens were generally not portrayed negatively in Brexit news, except in regional newspapers of England and Wales. It also suggests that news media presented the referendum as a vote against migrations in general and not about intra-EU migrations

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Filter Bubbles, Echo Chambers, and Online News Consumption

This article provides an empirical starting point for understanding how novel means of news consumption, in particular social media and search engines, affect ideological polarization of readers

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Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age

This paper is the introduction to a Special Section that systematically examines authoritarian practices in relation to digital technologies in multilateral, transnational, and public–private settings. It explains the research agenda and aim of the collection and briefly describes its contributions

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Identifying and Countering Fake News

A paper published on Arizona Legal Studies identifies distinct types of fake news based on intent and motivation, and discusses solutions based on law, market, code/architecture, and social norms

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The Panama and Paradise Papers: The Rise of a Global Fourth Estate

This article connects recent large-scale projects by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), such as the Panama and Paradise Papers revelations, to ongoing theoretical discussions about emergent forms of journalism

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Automated Serendipity

According to an article published on “Digital Journalism”, people that use search engines for online news use more diverse and more balanced sources.

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Disinformation and Social Bot Operations in the Run Up to the 2017 French Presidential Election

In a paper published on First Monday, Emilio Ferrara studies the role of Twitter in the MacronLeaks disinformation campaign

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Reconstruction of the socio-semantic dynamics of political activist Twitter networks

A case study of the French political landscape on Twitter during the 2017 presidential election, and how different political communities share fake news and debunks

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