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Freedom of Expression and Protection of Journalistic Sources - Reports

A new extensive report on the Protection of Journalistic Sources drafted by the International Legal Research Group and published by the Council of Europe and ELSA

Media Pluralism Monitor 2015 - Monitoring tool

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2015 is a measurement tool designed to assess the risks to media pluralism in EU member states. The second MPM pilot-project is a follow-up to the Media Pluralism Monitor  2014, covering new countries

Trust in Media 2016 - Reports

A report by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), explores European citizens’ perception of the trustworthiness of several types of media

New Wikipedia page created: Media of Cyprus - Wikipedia Item

The new Wikipedia article "Media of Cyprus" has been created in February 2016

Lellos P. Demetriades Law Office (Cyprus) - Support Centres

Lellos P. Demetriades Law Office LLC is a private law firm with seat in Cyprus, offering legal and advocacy support to staff and freelance journalists, editors, media outlets, NGOs and journalist associations in Cyprus and all over Europe for a pro-bono fee. The person to be contacted is Achilleas Demetriades (

Building a safety net for European journalists - Reports

Needs and problems experienced by journalists in 11 European countries are the focus of these report curated by Eugenia Siapera 

The Transparency of Media Ownership in the European Union and Neighbouring States - Reports

A report based on a survey of media ownership transparency rules in 20 European Union (EU) and neighbouring states

The Right of Access to Information in Cyprus. Report and Recommendations - Reports

A report collecting the findings of a research on the right of access to information in Cyprus, conducted in 2010 by Access Info Europe, KAB and IKME as part of the Access Info Cyprus Project